Where does the name “Vrah” come from?

It’s an iteration of Sarah, and I’m the original vrah.

I used to complain to my siblings about not having cute nickname options. Melissa had Mel, Emily had Emmy, my brother had Joey. My brother said, “Well… we could call you Rah?”

We knew Rah was a stupid nickname. My siblings starting using it to refer to me all the time. So I started using it to refer to them, and eventually my parents.

Spelled rah, or Ra, or vrah (sometimes capitalized, sometimes not), its our pseudonym for referring to family members.

As in:

“Too bad vrah”

“What are the rahs up to tonight?”

“I don’t think so, vrah”

“I hate ra”

My cell phone even knows not to auto-correct ‘vrah’ when I text.


Is it okay to laugh about death or depression? (I’m not explaining why diarrhea is funny)



How do you draw your comics? 

I use Microsoft Paint. I drew the first few comics using a computer mouse. This led to constant wrist ache. My running joke with myself is that writing the comics is emotionally and physically painful.

I recently purchased a tablet-style computer that I use with a stylus pen. I am looking forward to putting comics out more quickly now that I can draw faster (at least that is what I’m telling myself).


Why is your brother wearing a diaper?

Because he’s the youngest.


Is it mean to portray your adult brother as a baby?

Depends on how you feel about babies.