I’m Sarah. If you haven’t seen it yet, my front page story is a good place to start to learn about me.

My comics are about things that happen to me, often centering around life’s 3 big D’s:

DeathDepression, and Diarrhea.

The D’s are taboo. They don’t get enough attention, at least not in a comical way. I pay attention to things better, and process things better, when they make me laugh.

I found it difficult to move on after my older sister, Melissa, died because I couldn’t find anything that showed me how to deal with the aftermath of death.

And I mean the awkward, day to day stuff.

Like advice on how to tell a well-meaning, friendly colleague who asks “how many siblings do you have?” that one of your siblings is dead, so you used to have 3, but now you have 2—without being weird about it.

(HINT: do not lie and pretend like the sibling is still alive. It will become uncomfortable when follow-up questions are asked)

These situations made me feel very alone. I don’t want other people to feel alone.

Plus I like to draw. And tell stories. And laugh.

And I want to hear your stories. What weird situations did you get into after someone you love died? How did you handle it? Respond to my stories by telling me yours.

So with that…

adventureswithvrah about

Kidding. I hope we don’t have to go to another funeral for awhile.

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